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Gamma racing day Assen (NL) junior track 3 august 2014

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on August 5, 2014 at 2:00 PM


On Saturday, all the riders could train.

Timmy really had to work out. because he has not driven equally.


But on Saturday, the engine did not work as it should be.

After many problems we thought we had solved the problem.

So we cleaned everything and made it ready for sunday

On Sunday Timmy got ready for the workout.

He wanted to go away but the engine would not start.

After searching for the problem, we knew that the pickup was broken.

We had to mount another ignition.

But he did not complete no more.

But fortunately we were able to borrow anything from bass dijk. (Thnx bas)

Timmy was fortunately still a few laps in qualifying.

It was good to still have a 7th time.

Fastest lap time was 53 757

Head 1

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We still have a few settings changed so that the engine would perform better.

Timmy unfortunately could not see the start light.

he did not start good...

But before we got through the first round, he had already come in 5th place.


It was the first time the piaggio zip sp 98.

He had to really get used to it.

But in the 5th round was jos cool wine making Timmy moved into 4th place.

Then timmy try to drive to Dennis de lijster and Ron boon.

But only in the 11th round he could dennis pass over.

But the scooter runs not so good anymore out of the corner.

Timmy tried to keep Jos Koelewijn behind.

But in the last round, he stil came over ...

So finished 4th

 fastest lap time of 53 447

head 2


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We did some little changes to come faster out of the corner

Again he didn't see the start light.

He came as 6th through the first round.

Only in the 9th round I came Ron bean over.

And few laps later henk minnen.


3 laps before the end he was able to overtake the leader of the championship(bart klazen) so finished 3rd.

fastest lap time 53:179 (new personal record)

Total result 4th of the day.

But not bad for the first time on the 98!!!

next time better change;)

photos and movies later

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