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27 september 2014 DMV European Scooter Trophy (EST)2014 at lidolsheim (DE)

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on October 2, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

We Arrived friday at Lidolsheim.

We slept there, otherwise We had to get up really early.

On saturday we could practice a lot.

But we had also the qualification.

Normaly we have only 1 time.

But here we had 2 qualifications.

in the frist on timmy drove 51.337 good for a 4th place.

And in the second one he drove 51.396 almost the same.

He had to start on the 4th place on the start grid.

After that we did a test on the dyno.
24.7 hp the most of the day

Head 1

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Timmy had a good start .

At the first lap i get to the second place already because Patrick Borowski #18 crashed.

Timmy had a really good race pace.

But At the last lap i get passed by Jos koelewijn #24 and ended 3th.

but fastest lap now was 50.6

Head 2

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We did aittle change to the engine to get more rpm but in de warmp up lap Timmy saw its was to much rpm.

because of the he starte not so good.

he come on the 4th place to the first lap.

Timmy would like to pass marc obrecht but after 4 laps timmy had no pressure on the front brake anymore.

Timmy had to slow down a little.

Jos koelwijn and ruben boese passed timmy after 2 laps Timmy get some pressure again.

and could build up the pace.

But the confidence in the brake was gone.

but at the 10th lap ruben boese crashed .

Timmy finished 5th in head 2

And 3th of the day!!!!

Really good!!!

Gamma racing day Assen (NL) junior track 3 august 2014

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on August 5, 2014 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)


On Saturday, all the riders could train.

Timmy really had to work out. because he has not driven equally.


But on Saturday, the engine did not work as it should be.

After many problems we thought we had solved the problem.

So we cleaned everything and made it ready for sunday

On Sunday Timmy got ready for the workout.

He wanted to go away but the engine would not start.

After searching for the problem, we knew that the pickup was broken.

We had to mount another ignition.

But he did not complete no more.

But fortunately we were able to borrow anything from bass dijk. (Thnx bas)

Timmy was fortunately still a few laps in qualifying.

It was good to still have a 7th time.

Fastest lap time was 53 757

Head 1

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We still have a few settings changed so that the engine would perform better.

Timmy unfortunately could not see the start light.

he did not start good...

But before we got through the first round, he had already come in 5th place.


It was the first time the piaggio zip sp 98.

He had to really get used to it.

But in the 5th round was jos cool wine making Timmy moved into 4th place.

Then timmy try to drive to Dennis de lijster and Ron boon.

But only in the 11th round he could dennis pass over.

But the scooter runs not so good anymore out of the corner.

Timmy tried to keep Jos Koelewijn behind.

But in the last round, he stil came over ...

So finished 4th

 fastest lap time of 53 447

head 2


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We did some little changes to come faster out of the corner

Again he didn't see the start light.

He came as 6th through the first round.

Only in the 9th round I came Ron bean over.

And few laps later henk minnen.


3 laps before the end he was able to overtake the leader of the championship(bart klazen) so finished 3rd.

fastest lap time 53:179 (new personal record)

Total result 4th of the day.

But not bad for the first time on the 98!!!

next time better change;)

photos and movies later

Assen (NL) junior track 6 april 2014

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on April 8, 2014 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The frist race of this year.

Timmy was really looking forward to the first race.

But it started right with a wet race.


The day before anyone could practice on the track but he could not because of incorrect parts.


In the training Timmy could not find his good posture and back lines look at the circuit.

Almost all participants had the day before training and that's a big advantage ...


The qualification Timmy rode for the first time with the new Sava tires.

So was watching how  the tires were.


But Timmy did`t know it was qualification.

But it was not a bad time..

58.790 in the rain good for 5 start place on the second row.

1 manche

We still have a few settings changed so that the engine would perform better.

With the start Timmy was not so good way, but still came in 5th through the first two rounds......

In the 3rd round he passed Sander Hamstra and mitchell winter berger.

By going later into the brakes and Mitchell Wintersberger braked himself 

He rode in 3rd place and could make a hole,but the pursuers they could come back several times.

Up to five laps from the end he crashed into a left hairpin.

He hit his crank case.

Fortunately, he could immediately leave again with little damage.

He gefinished in 5th place.

fastest lap time was 54.849

2 manche

Watch the movie, it was nice batlle!!

Coming soon Working on it

Veldhoven (NL) 28-9-2013 dq for timmy

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on November 11, 2013 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This match was very important because!

The competition in emmen he could not drive, because he had to work.
Earlier in the season, he has already skipped a race.
So he missed a lot of points, so the gap had become very small ..


Timmy was only 23 points for dennis the thrush in the championship.
and you can earn 100 points each round. see championship.

The goal from timmy was only finish for dennis each round.

In qualifying went very well, so he can start  from the 2nd place. 

Fastest lap time was 48.345

sorry fans, but we  were forgot to take the cameras

race 1

Timmy had a good start and he got a small gap already.
He did not have to push so took it easy!!

by that concentration was not 100 percent anymore and made a the 6th lap.

He was gone quickly, but could not close the gap drive and finished 3rd.
fastest lap was 48.372

No problem just now he had to finish in the 2nd round for him.

Then Timmy as 2nd overall finish in final standings

Race 2

He was first into the first corner, but he crashed in the first lap .. second time this day and the same way (engine gets Curbe stone)

this time it took longer and was in 17th place by the 1st round.

In the 3rd round he was in 13th place, and in the 6th lap in 9th place!! 

And in the 8th lap already in 5th place, 11 lap already on the fourth place.

Timmy was riding for his life haha. 
He finished 4th place after Dennis de lijster 
fastest lap was 48.250

there was a yellow flag in the race like 10 laps.
Timmy knows he had to take it calmer at those place (he did that)

But the race directie saw it different and Timmy gets a DQ(he get that information on 23:30 (by phone)

Berghem (NL) 25-8-2013 Worst race

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on September 15, 2013 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)


Before the training began we have installed something new.

but we still had to adjust for the race


The engine was still not very good so Timmy did not go beyond a 4th time

1 manche

Timmy had a bad start!

But soon he was able to overtake someone, and little later someone so he drove to the 2nd round.

Meanwhile, the temperature was very high from the machiene.

After several rounds the machiene it stopped with mechanical problems.


We have to replace the motor for the 2nd round but did not know how it went

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2 manche

In the lap it started to rain.

Timmy drive in recent years very well in the rain.

He had another bad start and wanted equal later brakes so he could make the connection.

But in the first corner he really was sprawled along with someone.

Quickly back on the machiene, but the wheel was crooked so he had to just turn the wheel right.

Then he made ​​a catching race.

He went one time slicing, and when he thought but quieter to go around and just out riding.

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finished 7th

Assen (NL) junior track 10 augustus 2013

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on September 14, 2013 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)


fastest lap 53.832 this time was faster then last race here!

good for 4th place on the start grid

1 manche
sorry but we had forgotten to turn the cameras.

finished 3th place

fastest lap 53.699

2 manche

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fastest lap was 53.597 

Assen (NL) junior-track 4 augustus 2013

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on September 11, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

1 manche

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2 manche

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Assen (NL) junior-track 22 juni 2013

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on August 12, 2013 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

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Emmen(NL) 8-6-2013

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on June 23, 2013 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It was a very nice day with nice dry weather!


It had been several years ago since Timmy drove there.
In qualifying he still Put down a 3rd time!
fastest lap was 47.499

Race 1

Timmy had a bad start!

But he was still as 3rd in the first corner.


After several rounds had mitchell winter berger beaten a big hole.

But Timmy put up a notch and made the hole quickly closed again.


He wanted mitchell mitchell did pass away, but a dangerous movement.

Timmy almost crashed because he have to brake so hard.
Then come back beams that Timmy not let past and therefore did not stand a chance.

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Race 2

Another super bad start Timmy but he went out into the first corner and came out as 3th.

Next round fell mitchell winterberger but i almost chrasht also ,  so I could not make a connection with Sarik Roufs! 

2nd ended

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Staphorst (NL) 20-5-2013

Posted by Timmy van Donderen on May 23, 2013 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)


This race was held at the circuit in the Tippe staphorst (NL)

This day they predicted much rain but it stayed fairly dry.

Timmy has never ridden on staphorst so it was a question of finding the right lines.

In the qualification Timmy drive with rain and slick rear tire because the track was fairly dry in with some wet spots.
Eventually after a round turned out to be dry.

He drove a few laps and went off to save the tires.

This resulted for the 4th place start!

Race 1

Timmy was not very well off.

Mitchell winter berger made ​​a false start, therefore I had to side.


He was stopped in the first several rounds

Timmy was nevertheless finally over. After nice battelen with sander hamstra to the finishline see the movie!

onboard cam movie

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finished second
Race 2

Timmy had a better start and could pass sander hamstra very fast.
After that i could battle with Mitchell wintersberger but i couldn't pass..
result second place because sariks roufs made a slipper!!

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finished second


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